Julian Edelman Suffers Torn ACL

On Friday night, the New England Patriots went up against the Detroit Lions in their third preseason game. Although the Patriots went on to win the game, the biggest story coming out of the match-up was not good news. During the first quarter, wide receiver Julian Edelman suffered a knee injury during the course of … Continue reading Julian Edelman Suffers Torn ACL

NFL, Goodell Close to Massive Contract Extension

In August of 2006, it became worldwide news that Roger Goodell would be named as the new commissioner of the NFL. This was due to the retirement of Paul Tagliabue. The then-49-year old would be handed the most powerful position in all of football, only to have it become drastically misused in the opinion of … Continue reading NFL, Goodell Close to Massive Contract Extension

Preseason Takeaways: Week Two Edition

We caught a glimpse of each franchise during their preseason debuts last week, and with that, we received a few takeaways as well. Heading into the second week of preseason action, many were speculating on who was emerging as a star, and who appeared to be a one-week wonder.┬áHere are the takeaways from each preseason … Continue reading Preseason Takeaways: Week Two Edition

Most Likely Active NFL HOF Candidates

With the Hall of Fame class of 2017 already presented, there aren't a whole lot of fans that are currently appreciating the unique talent before them. While veteran athletes have gone out and have overachieved on a weekly basis, some may earn the right to be considered for a golden jacket. Who will be considered … Continue reading Most Likely Active NFL HOF Candidates

2017 NFL Predictions

As preseason football in underway, it's never too early to predict what will happen come February. With that, a group here at The Athletes Hub elected to get together, and answer some of the most riveting debates around the NFL. The topics include who will win Rookie of the Year, MVP, a ticket to the … Continue reading 2017 NFL Predictions

Will Brady Become GOAT of Sports With Another Ring?

Ever since arriving in the league in 2000, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has impressed just about everyone through every season. In the entirety of sports, there has been a lot of discussion on who is the greatest of all-time. Within the NFL, Brady always happens to be in the conversation. Already having five … Continue reading Will Brady Become GOAT of Sports With Another Ring?

Is This the Best Patriots Roster Since 2007?

The New England Patriots have had a pretty successful offseason in early 2017, retooling for yet another Super Bowl run, after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in an incredible 25-point comeback. The front office re-signed some key players, as well as gain a few stars and low-key budget players along the way. All in all, can … Continue reading Is This the Best Patriots Roster Since 2007?