Ravens vs Dolphins: Preseason Week 2 Preview

On Thursday, the Baltimore Ravens will clash with the Miami Dolphins in what will likely be the last time the projected starters will see any action until the regular season. There is something new this preseason; teams no longer have to do staggered cuts to trim the roster from 90 players to 53, which give … Continue reading Ravens vs Dolphins: Preseason Week 2 Preview

2017-2018 NBA Schedule Released: Will New Adjustments Lead to a Better Product?

The 2017-2018 NBA schedule was officially released on August 14th, and several key adjustments could already be seen as ways for improving the overall product being put on the court. For starters, the entire schedule has been moved up an entire week earlier, considering the NBA has been growing more concerned by the day about … Continue reading 2017-2018 NBA Schedule Released: Will New Adjustments Lead to a Better Product?

NFL Franchises on the Rise or Decline

As always, the NFL offseason has been filled with trades, big free agent signings, the drafting of talented players, etc. For the 2017 season, here are some teams that may be on the rise or fall for the upcoming campaign. Teams with best chance to improve: Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are still not done rebuilding, … Continue reading NFL Franchises on the Rise or Decline

Should Daniel Bryan Leave WWE?

Since being forced to retire, Daniel Bryan has promised fans one day he will return to in-ring competition either it being in the WWE or leaving and wrestling in the Indies or NJPW. This is something fans don't want to see happen and don’t want to even be a thought in Bryan’s head and the … Continue reading Should Daniel Bryan Leave WWE?

Pros & Cons of Adam Cole Signing with NXT

Earlier this week, the WWE went on to sign former Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole to a contract to their developmental territory, NXT. The veteran has reportedly already begun training, and will soon enough debut on NXT in the next few weeks. While fans grew to love Cole from his former stint with … Continue reading Pros & Cons of Adam Cole Signing with NXT

Preseason Takeaways: Week One Edition

Football is finally back, as all 32 franchises underwent their first preseason games of the 2017-18 season this past weekend. While headlines have surfaced involving the suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot, buzz has also been surrounding the quarterback play of upcoming rookies. Here are the takeaways from each preseason matchup over the … Continue reading Preseason Takeaways: Week One Edition

Nationals Bullpen Showing Their Teeth

A few months ago, several sports writers (myself included) were discussing the fact that the Washington Nationals bullpen was not reliable enough for them to win a World Series title this year. It's amazing how quickly things can change in a baseball season. The Nationals have since traded for reliable assets in relievers such as … Continue reading Nationals Bullpen Showing Their Teeth