Pursuing History: Golden State 4 wins away from 73


History may very well be made this season by what looks to be one of the most dominant teams in recent history if not all of history. Since the 1995-96 season, the Chicago Bulls have held the record for most wins in a season at 72. The 1995-96 Bulls led by Michael Jordan along with a see cent supporting cast made history, history that just stuck around for 20 years. The seemingly unbreakable mark of 72 wins can possibly be met and even beaten this year.

This year for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors started off with a winning streak of 24 games before they finally lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. After their first loss, the losses for the Warriors came few and far between. The Warrios sit at 69-8 right now, first in the West and all of the NBA.

During this season, Stephen Curry clinched the MVP award with his freakish offensive talent being showcased and even showing growth. Curry has made more threes this season than some guys make in five. But Curry is not alone, as Draymomd Green has showcased his talent as well, gathering a few triple-doubles. Klay Thompson also continues to knock down threes. Curry and Thompson have knocked down more three pointers than some teams do in one season.

People at the beginning of the year and during the 24 game win streak pondered whether or not the Warriors could beat 72 wins. At the end of the season it’s a possibility, the speculation will soon end one way or another. This is the closest a team has come to beating this record in quite some time. People now anxiously watch, rather they want the record to be broken or to stand, to see what happens.

The Warriors have five games remaining this season, and need to win four. This means the Warriors can afford only one loss in these next five games. They face the Timberwolves once and the Grizzlies and Spurs twice each. This could prove to be a tough job for the Warriors.

Perhaps the biggest threat to the Warriors’ chance of beating the record is also perhaps their biggest threat in the playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs beat the Warriors in their last meeting, which took place in San Antonio. The Warriors must now face this team twice, once in San Antonio, where the Spurs are undefeated. The Wariors can only afford one loss, so they must beat the Spurs at least once. Their best chance to beat the Spurs will be in Oracle Arena.

As we go down the final stretch of this historic season, lets watch and see what happens. Will the Warriors become the most dominant team in NBA history record wise? Will they tie the Bulls, or even finish at fewer than 72 wins? The beauty of it all is no one can predict, we have to watch history in motion.

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