Lakers Make Moves…A lot of Them

The Los Angeles Lakers may be in their worst era in NBA history these past few seasons. Kobe Bryant is playing like his age, as Nick Young can’t seem to put his talent where his words are. The Lakers are potentially losing Jeremy Lin to the Mavericks, as players like Ed Davis are looking for new homes as well. Over the weekend, the organization decided to pull a couple moves, here they are: 

1. Potentially gaining Roy Hibbert form the Pacers

Active trade talks have been going on for about a week now between the Lakers and Pacers. President of the Pacers Larry Bird has made it clear that Hibbert isn’t in the plans for the Pacers future. The Lakers would need to take on Hibbert’s $15.5 mill cap hit next year, as the Pacers will gain at least a future second round pick. Both sides would gain from the deal, now is time for a finalization.

2. Lakers sign Lou Williams in free agency 

Someone actually is interested in signing with LA! The deal is worth 3 years, $21mill as Williams will be seen most likely as next years six man under Kobe. Bryant will receive less minutes, giving Williams the chance to learn under Byron Scott’s system. This has to be the perfect signing for the Lakers, because Williams could slide into Bryant’s spot after a possible retirement after this next season. 

3. Lakers sign Brandon Bass in free agency

Lakers sign another potential bench player in the former Celtic, as Brandon Bass will be playing with the Lakers next year. Brandon Bass will play most likely in the 4 spot, in case Randle needs some time on the bench. Bass averaged almost 5 rpg last year, so it will be interesting to see what his stats will look like next year. 

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