New Details on Romo With Cowboys 


Whether you’re ready for it or not, the Cowboys are desperate to deal away veteran quarterback Tony Romo to another franchise. Although Romo has been elite when healthy, the Cowboys are having difficulty when it comes to finding the right deal.

According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, it’s been reported that the Cowboys are likely to release Romo this offseason, unless the right deal comes along. 

Romo has had all sorts of problems when it comes to staying healthy. In fact, the last time Romo stayed healthy for an entire season was during the 2014 season. 

In my personal opinion, I can’t see a team at this stage being interested in dealing for a 36-year old quarterback with injury history. 

Teams like the Broncos and Cardinals were interested at one point in time, but as time goes on, it’s becoming less likely that a deal between the two sides would come into play. 

Don’t be surprised if Romo does get released, forcing the Cowboys to eat his cap hit. Romo is currently owed $19.6 million in 2017, which is significantly less than previous seasons (based on a restructured deal). 

I could see teams such as the Browns or Jets showing interest in Romo if he does get dropped, based on the fact that both franchises seem desperate for their own quarterback. 

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