Ike Davis To The Yankees Makes Sense


Do you like Ike? If you are a Mets fan, you probably did at one point. At one time, lots of Met fans were buying the shirts of Ike Davis, and he was very popular. Some may call him overrated, and justifiably so. He probably will not reach the potential we saw him reaching one day.

However, we can not act as if he is not talented. He once smacked 32 homeruns in a season. He has not been able to touch 20 homeruns since. Is it possible that he could serve as a solid back up for the Yankees if Teixeira goes down with an injury? 

Even though they have Dustin Ackley to cover that position, who is to say that an outfielder does not go down? Nearly the entire Yankee line up has a chance of going down with an injury. The Yankees may need Dustin Ackley to cover another position. So, does this mean Ike Davis comes in as a back up to the Yankees first basemen? Why not?

If the Yankees are to sign Ike Davis, it would likely be a low cost, most likely a one year deal. It gives Ike Davis a chance to redeem himself if the opportunity arises. The Yankees have seen revivals of careers such as Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia (sort of) and Andruw Jones. Ike Davis may be a different type of situation as where he is simply trying to find some production, more so then a revival.

If things don’t work out, the Yankees can release him or keep him in the minors. It’s a high reward signing, with no risk for it. Ike Davis has nothing to lose either, especially if he can produce for the Yankees as a back up.

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