Five Best Backup Quarterbacks

All the attention seems to be on the starting quarterback nowadays, but what about the future? These studs have shown sparks of life on almost every chance they’ve gotten. Here are the five best backup quarterbacks in the NFL today:

5. Matt Hasselbeck (Indianapolis Colts) 

Hasselbeck may be 39 years old, but he can still play. If something were to happen to Andrew Luck, Hasselbeck would be the experienced veteran that the Colts’ would turn to. Although unlikely that he will be seeing a lot more playing time before the end of his career, Hasselbeck has been an exciting figure to watch on the field over the years. 

4. Mike Glennon (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 

In his past two NFL seasons, Glennon and the Buccaneers have managed to average 19.9 points a game. This statistic may not be with the best in the business, but remember the supporting cast that Glennon had. Glennon will be the number two option for the Bucs as rookie Jameis Winston attempts to take over. If Winston were to struggle this season, expect Glennon to step in.

3. Matt Schaub (Baltimore Ravens) 

Schaub, spending most of his career with the Houston Texans, overstayed his welcome and now ultimately finds himself in a Ravens’ jersey after failing to win the starting spot in Oakland. As a starting quarterback, Schaub is averaging 23.7 points a game. Both Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub are aging at a slow pace, so it seems doubtful that Schaub will see time on the field through the regular season. Joe Flacco has been a Raven throughout his career and has turned into a beloved figure in the Baltimore community, so there’s a high shot that Schaub will be see most of his action happening in the preseason.

2. Mark Sanchez (Philadelphia Eagles) 

The former New York Jet packed his bags after multiple disappointing seasons. To get away from the starting position he signed a deal as the backup quarterback of the Eagles. When Nick Foles was injured, Sanchez stepped in. He’s proven he’s worthy of a starting position, although Chip Kelly will most likely go with Sam Bradford. Sanchez averages 22.4 points a game as a starter, and obtains a winning record of 37-33. When playing for the Eagles, Sanchez averaged roughly 30 points a game under their system. Expect Sanchez to start next season in a few games if Bradford can’t live up to expectations.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick (New York Jets) 

Will Fitzpatrick even be a backup in week one? Speculation makes it seem as though Geno Smith will have to earn his starting spot on the Jets’ roster. Fitzpatrick went 6-6 last season with the Texans, while the offense averaged 24 points a game. In 2013, with the Titans, Fitzpatrick ranked 16th in QBR. In 2014, he ended up ranking 20th. If Smith continues to show inconsistency, there may be no other choice but to let Fitzpatrick start for a few games. He’s been a backup and a starter, and has shown signs of life in both scenarios.

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