Disorganization Among Colts Proves Kaepernick is Needed


This past weekend, the Indianapolis Colts became one of the early laughing stocks of the NFL, as they suffered a 46-9 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in blowout fashion. The franchise was obviously without their franchise quarterback, Andrew Luck, and with the veteran rumored to be sidelined until October, Indianapolis has momentarily put their faith into the hands of none other than Scott Tolzien.

Completing 9-18 passes for 128 yards and 2 interceptions, Tolzien seemed almost incapable of driving the offense down the field. In fact, the Colts only had ten first downs in their first game of the season, which happened to be less than any of the other 31 franchises in the league within week one.

Having known about the degree of Luck’s injury for a few weeks now, what have the Colts done in order to prepare for their current quarterback situation? Just one week before the start of the campaign, Indianapolis decided to ship off wide receiver Phillip Dorsett in order to receive New England Patriots third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

Don’t get me wrong, Brissett is a fine option, but he shouldn’t realistically be valued as anything more than a backup for 2017. During the loss against the Rams, the Colts temporarily placed Brissett under center, in which he completed 2-3 passes for 51 yards.

With the Colts currently holding the easiest schedule in the NFL (based on opponent records from 2016), why wouldn’t the franchise go out and sign a veteran quarterback such as Colin Kaepernick? At one point in time, I, like many, believed that the outside distractions that Kaepernick would drag along with him are unnecessary for any potential suitor.

After a multitude of signings involving quarterbacks that are far more inferior to Kaepernick, I now believe that the Indianapolis franchise should be the ones to come forth and hand the ex-49ers quarterback a chance to play.

With Tolzien containing very minimal potential as a starter, and with Brissett’s lack of experience, what more reasoning do the Colts need to sign a player that has made it further in the postseason than Andrew Luck?

Kaepernick is by no means the long-term answer to any postseason run for the Colts, or any other franchise in general for that matter. On top of that, the system within Indianapolis is far different from what Kaepernick has experienced before, so there is a scenario in which he does not succeed with the offense.

On the other hand, Kaepernick is by far the most valuable option on the free agent market, and the Colts will appear foolish to pass on the veteran in weeks to come. With the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, and then the Seattle Seahawks on the horizon, we could very well see the Colts become one of the worst franchises in the league under any currently healthy quarterback on the depth chart.

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