What to Expect From the Denver Broncos in 2017

Coming into the 2016-17 season, many fans expected the Denver Broncos to compete for the AFC West title, and also be considered a threat within the conference. On paper, the roster looked like it could win a handful of regular season games, but in reality, the Broncos failed to meet and surpass expectations, finishing the … Continue reading What to Expect From the Denver Broncos in 2017

AFC West Fantasy & Season Predictions

Over the past five years, the AFC West has essentially been flipped upside down. It seems like just yesterday that the Broncos were coming off of their Super Bowl winning season, as the Raiders were the typical Raiders we’ve grown to picking on each year. The tides have certainly changed, as the Raiders are growing … Continue reading AFC West Fantasy & Season Predictions

Does Watson Compare to Vince Young?

After one of the best finishes to a college football game, Clemson overcame the odds and defeated Alabama 35-31. On top of that, many are comparing the poise, numbers, and attributes of Deshaun Watson to Texas Longhorn great Vince Young. Are these comparisons accurate? Let's explore it a little deeper. The reputation of Vince Young … Continue reading Does Watson Compare to Vince Young?