Yankees Sign Catcher Carlos Corporan, Severino Gaining Lots Of Interest In Trade Market


In one of the smaller signings of the offseason, the Yankees just picked up Carlos Corporán, a 32 year old catcher who spent last season with the Texas Rangers. While the deal is only a minor league contract, and he’ll likely get some playing time during Spring Training.

He definitely provides some depth for the Yankees, although there’s a good chance Gary Sanchez serves at the backup catcher. However, the Yankees may want to give Sanchez the chance to play everyday in the minors. Also, if Brian McCann goes down with an injury, he could be a back up for Sanchez, who would likely be the starter if McCann goes down.

He could be a non-factor altogether, we will see what goes down and if he can impress in Spring Training or not.

Severino Interest In Trade Market, Heating Up.

In other news, although Luis Severino has been gaining interest in the trade market for months now, it’s recently picked up lately. With some reports stating he actually is gaining more interest then Masahiro Tanaka, which obviously money, age and injury plays a part in that.

The thought of trading Severino is likely a nightmare to most Yankee fans. After all, he is only 21 years young (will be 22 by the time the season starts). He was extremely hyped up to make a big impact mid season. He lived up to all the hype, going 5-3, with two of those loses coming off no run support with quality performances, and a 2.89 ERA.

The one thing that caught the eye more then his stats, was the way he handled himself. The maturity and the way he has conducted himself. He seemed like he’s been in the league for years, rather then only a couple months.

The Yankees seem like they’ll stay put with Severino, as they should.


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