Yankees Set to Trade Chapman Away

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According to multiple reports, the New York Yankees are very close to making a deal in which closing pitcher Aroldis Chapman will be shipped off. In addition, the Yankees are also planning on keeping Andrew Miller, despite trying to shop him earlier in the season. 

Teams in on the mix for the closer are the Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, and the San Fransisco Giants. 

As you can see, all the teams noted above are over .500, making it obvious that Chapman is viewed as a piece to a potential World Series championship. 

The MLB Trade Deadline will end on August 1st, but we could see Chapman dealt within the next 48-72 hours. 

Was this in the best interest for the Yankees? Chapman was a huge asset to their bullpen, as he was known for being able to reach 105 mph with his fastball. Opposing teams were basically shut down in the 9th inning.

On the other hand, Chapman was set to become a free agent this upcoming offseason. I think we all know that Chapman is a unique player in the league, hence the reason he will be asking for a lot of money in his upcoming contract. 

The Yankees would not be interested in keeping Chapman, and let’s face it, they won’t be making a deep postseason run this year (if at all). Trading away Chapman is what’s best for this franchise moving forward. 

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