XFL Player Payments Explained


Earlier today, the XFL sent out a memo to the agents of prospective players looking to get drafted when the draft occurs on October 15th-16th. As first reported by Mike Garafolo, the players will be getting paid bi-weekly starting from December.

Garafolo also reported that the average salary for a player within the XFL will be within the range of around $55,000 a season. As explained previously, this would put the majority of the league firmly in tier 4 of the salary structure (50k-75k per season). Supposedly, this average figure does include season bonuses, but it is not yet seen as to how those bonuses will be awarded of paid out. One would imagine that it will be similar to the NFL in that regard.

For those who are in the first tier of the payment structure, it would equate to a touch under $5,000 a week per Darren Rovell. Whilst not as much as the AAF pay structure, it leaves room for growth as the league expands in exposure and income.

This also means that as of the end of the championship game on April 25th, all players within the XFL are free to sign an NFL contract if they get offered any such deal. With a near 800 players entering the XFL draft pool as of Friday morning, there will be plenty of intrigue as to who gets drafted and where they will go.

Many are hoping that the league can help players step up into the NFL, either as a second chance or to prove their worth straight out of college. Names such as former college QB Connor Cook, Roberto Aguayo and Tyree Jackson have all declared for the draft.

With the new laws in California surrounding college players and possible payments for their likeness, should the NCAA block all California schools it would open up the XFL as a new route for players to compete. 12 other states, including Florida and New York have or are going to introduce bills that will allow for players in their state to do the same. It opens up a new realm for athletes to get their name out in the world of football, whilst also being able to sign after a season.

We will know pretty quickly as to whether the XFL will be a true feeder league, some possible future competition or another dud in the front office like the AAF. At least now, players, agents and fans alike have an idea about how players will be paid and what that may entail.

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