WWE Released Stars List, One More Likely To Join

David Becker/Getty Images
On Friday, the WWE made a headline by releasing a total of 8 superstars during their annual clean up. The total released superstars is as follows:

Damien Sandow, Santino Marella, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley,  El Torito, Zeb Coulter and King Barrett. 

We can expect Ryback to join this list at some point considering the tensions. Ryback has even insisted that the WWE releases him.

This all began when Ryback was sent home from Raw last Monday due to a contract negotiation that went south. Both sides are reportedly far apart on the money side. 

It is possible that they will reach an agreement eventually, but at this point, they seem to be on two completely different islands.

Who were you upset to see go? Which stars should have the WWE released along with them?

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