WWE Post-Draft Trade?


It has been awhile since the WWE Draft has taken place, but WWE is regretting a few of the picks that were made and are talking about trading wrestlers. Those wrestlers are Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.

Now obviously everything was a storyline. If not, Smackdown LIVE could’ve gotten Cesaro and Kevin Owens for how late they were drafted. But now WWE thinks the opposite should’ve happened. The WWE now thinks Cesaro and Kevin Owens should have gone to Smackdown LIVE while Randy Orton should have gone to Raw.

Which I see why WWE is making this trade between these wrestlers. Raw has virtually enough talent from people like Seth Rollins to the likes of Sheamus. Then there’s Smackdown, they don’t have too many top names. As of now it’s only people like Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

Smackdown can do far more with Cesaro and Kevin Owens. They can be champions and main eventers. On Raw, they could be forever mid carders because Stephanie will always have Seth Rollins in the spotlight.

Randy Orton to Raw could also be a blessing in disguise. He could feud with Brock Lesnar more after SummerSlam or he could feud with Finn Balor, any top name on the Raw roster Randy Oron could easily have a great feud with.

Cesaro and Kevin Owens could be HUGE starts on Smackdown. Cesaro was never used right, but I think with Shane being his boss and Daniel Bryan being the general manager, Cesaro and Kevin Owens both could be great stars.

Cesaro could have a very interesting feud with AJ Styles. Kevin Owens could have a great feud with Bray Wyatt. I would love to see all four of these men have a feud last up until Hell In a Cell or Survivor Series.

Hopefully this trade will happen after SummerSlam because if it doesn’t, who knows what will happen with them. But let’s hope it happens and Cesaro and Owens blasts the Smackdown roster.


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