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In the world of pro wrestling, there are sure to be plenty of injuries. Just off of showing up at NXT TakeOver San Antonio, reported by WWE.com on Wednesday morning, superstar Seth Rollins has suffered a knee injury at the hands of the debuting Samoa Joe on Monday Night. Dave Meltzer is reporting that the injury is a torn MCL and Rollins will be out around 8 weeks.

There is still chances that this injury is just to build up the story between Triple H and him, due to the fact that WWE has posted several things to make people think that this injury is nothing but a work to make this feud better.

In his time with the WWE, Rollins has won the NXT Championship once, WWE World Championship twice, WWE United States Championship once, and Money In The Bank in 2014. Rollins has made quite the impact since coming up to the main roster, apart of the Shield in 2012 apart of the Shield, only to turn on them to join the Authority in 2014.

This is the worst time for this injury to happen for Rollins, and since it seems as though like a legit injury, it’s most likely not a storyline. Last year, Rollins missed WrestleMania 32 due to injuring the same knee during a live event match against Kane. 

Right now, the company is currently building a feud between him and Triple H that has been building up for months ever since he cost him the WWE Univeral Championship. Before the injury, it was hyped to be one of the best matches at Mania.

Now with the injury suffered from the attack, which is most likely leading up to a match between him and Joe at Fast Lane, this is really a bad break for the company.

On the wrestling fans side of things, this is really bad timing. A lot of fans were looking forward to seeing what is next for this feud and what the company has in mind to make it better.

On the bright side, Rollins is supposed to be back one week before WrestleMania 33, so there is still little hope that he will be cleared to compete at the show.

On the Rollins side of thing, if this is a legit injury and not a work this should be really heartbreaking for him if he is gone for a long period of time. Last year, he missed several months due to a knee injury, now this injury to the same knee pops up and might be jeopardizing his chances of missing his second Mania in a row.

If it is serious, Rollins will have to work even harder rehabbing through this injury. With the way that he rehabbed last year, he will be back by the end of the year at least.

In other news in the world of WWE, former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann, who is coming off of losing his title at Royal Rumble to new champion Neville, looks to be on the sidelines for awhile after injuring his foot on Raw during a segment involving Neville. WWE has not announced a timetable for Swann return as of right now.

Swann was scheduled to team up with fellow Cruiserweight Cedric Alexander on 205 live against Noam Darr and Neville, but due to his injury, he could not compete in the match and the company replaced him with Jack Gallagher.  

The bigger thing to take out of this is that if Swann does not heal up from his injury in time for Fast Lane, there is a good chance that the company will choose Alexander to face Neville at the Pay Per View while Swann is rehabbing from his injury.

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