WWE Extreme Rules: Live Updates and Results


Tonight the WWE holds it’s annual Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

The pre show opens up with Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Corey Graves hyping up the show.

Out of nowhere, The Dudley Boyz are coming out to the ring. It seems like they are here to wrestle a match. The arena filled up pretty quickly when the music hit. They apparently came out just to talk about how extreme they are. A typical plug for ECW on the WWE Network. Bubba say that ECW went strait into the toilet because they left. He also says that the toilet is where the careers of the “new era” superstars are going. Devon says that they aren’t on the PPV because they are above extreme. And out comes Big Cass.

Cass says that the reason why Bubba wont say “get the tables” because they ate the table and everything on it. He goes on to list all types of food while the crowd says “How you doin”. Cass goes on a rant about the “new era” being better than them. Cass gets in the ring and instantly gets a two on one attack. The Dudley boyz beat him up, Cass sidesteps Devon and Devon takes out Bubba Ray. Cass comes out on top.

My guess is that Enzo will be back soon and this is the re-ignition of the Enzo and Cass Vs. The Dudley Boyz feud. Overall I give this segment a B-

The Miz drops one of the best backstage promo’s I have ever seen him in, and it seems like “The New Era” is going to be a major talking point tonight.

With less than 15 minutes to go before the PPV actually starts, Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring. He will face Dolph Ziggler in a no disqualification match. The bell rings for the rubber match between these two. Ziggler sends Corbin into the steel post to start the match. Corbin reverses Ziggler into the turnbuckle and Ziggler goes flying over it to the ground. Ziggler tries to fight back, but Corbin sends Ziggler into the steel post on the outside of the ring.

Corbin sends Ziggler back into the ring. Corbin wraps Ziggler in the ropes and starts pounding away. Ziggler ends up free and on the mat. Corbin is starting to get cocky. Ziggler hits a jawbreaker on Corbin. Ziggler hits a few offensive moves after getting manhandled in the beginning of the match. Ziggler goes for the cover. Corbin kicks out at two.

Ziggler goes for a knee to the face. Corbin catches him. He slides down into a pin. Kick out. Corbin goes for a pin. Ziggler kicks out at two. Ziggler counters a powerbomb into a DDT. Goes for the pin. Corbin kicks out at two. Ziggler misses with a superkick and Corbin hits him with a low blow. Corbin hits him with the End of Days and the match is over.

For the third match in the series, it was very slow and boring. Not a whole lot of high spots and exactly what I assumed coming from Corbin.

Overall match grade: D

The show is opening with The Uso’s vs. The Club in a tornado tag team match. There are no actual tags made in this match and both teams just keep on fighting. The Club is on their way to the ring and the Uso’s hop out of the ring to attack them on the ramp. Anderson gets double teamed right from the start. They move onto Luke Gallows. Anderson flips Jimmy Uso over the saftey barrier and The Club starts double teaming Jey. Jimmy flies over the top rope from the other side of the ring.

The Uso’s are trying to fly all over the place while The Club is using their power to counter the Uso’s speed. Anderson goes for a cover. Kick out at one. The Club is looking strong attacking Jey. Gallows knocks Jimmy back out of the ring. The Uso’s all of a sudden get the upper hand. Anderson ended up outside of the ring. He pulls Jey out with him. Anderson punts Jey so hard in the face he hurts his own foot. Jimmy takes a huge boot to the face. Anderson goes for the pin. He kicks out at two. Jimmy pulls Anderson out of the ring. The Uso’s hit a double superkick on Gallows.

The Uso’s go for a double frog splash but Anderson breaks it up. The teams go back and fourth. Anderson hits a spinebuster and goes into the pin, Kick out at two. Anderson is tthe only man standing in the ring. He knocks Jey out of the ring and follows him. Anderson lines up a knee but Jey kicks him in the jaw. Jey goes butt first into Anderson’s face on the safety barrier. Gallows hits him with a clothesline and send him over the barrier.

Gallows grabs the ring bell. Jimmy is slow to get up inside the ring. Jimmy hits Gallows with a superkick. Jimmy goes for a frog splash. Gallows moves out of the way and he lands on the ring bell. The Club hits him with the MagicKiller and go into the pin. 1-2-3, The Club wins the match.

Overall match grade: A-

Lana is waiting in the ring to introduce Rusev to the ring. Up next is the United States Championship match. Kalisto starts the match with kicks to the legs. Kalisto goes for a corckscrew and Rusev swats him away. Rusev starts beating up on Kalisto. Kalisto takes a foot to the face. Rusev has taken complete control of this match. Rusev gets thrown across the ring and planted on the mat. Rusev puts Kalisto in to a bear hug.

You can hear the pain in Kalisto’s yelps. Rusev breaks the bear hug to deliver a knee to the spine. Rusev puts Kalisto over his shoulder and holds him there. Kalisto switches it into a sleeper hold. Rusev tries to make it to the rope and starts to fade. Instead he jumps backwards. Kalisto does not look good. He hits a DDT on Rusev. Kalisto is caught in mid arm but starts flying around the ring. He hits the corkscrew and goes for the pin. Rusev kicks out.

Kalisto sends Rusev outside. Kalisto goes through the middle rope and sends Rusev into the steel steps. Goes for a pin. Rusev kicks out. Kalisto goes for the Selina De Sol and Rusev pushes him off and heads out of the ring. Kalisto hits him with a Moonsault. Kalisto heads to the top rope. Rusev sends him spine first onto the apron. Kalisto has not moved at all. Rusev attacks him over and over. The referee is trying to stop him. Rusev puts him in the Accolade. Kalisto didn’t even hesitate to tap. The winner and your new United States Champion is Rusev.

Overall Match Grade: C+

The New Day comes out to a huge pop as we get the WWE Tag Team Championship match against The Vaudevillians next. Apparently Big E decided tonight was the night he wanted to bring out the hoes. Woods opens up plugging his DM’s on twitter. Turns out the hoes are named Aiden English and Simon Gotch. These guys are so over that they shouldn’t lose these titles this year. The Vaudevillians come to the ring in a chorus of boo’s.

English starts in the ring against Woods. The other member of the New Day in this match will be Big E. Woods takes control early. Gotch distracts Woods and English sends him into the ring post. The tag to Gotch. Gotch dominates Woods strait into his corner. Woods gets double teamed. The pin. Kick out at two by woods. English puts woods into a sleeper. Gotch gets the tag and goes strait into a sleeper hold.

The crowd is getting behind the New Day. Finally Woods starts to fight back. He goes for the tag on Big E to no avail. Both men down. We have both men getting the tag. A few Belly to Bellies from Big E on both Gotch and English. Big E hits a running Frog Splash on English. English counters a spear through the ropes. Goes for the pin, kick out. Big E tags in Woods. Gotch sends Big E into the steel steps. Gotch goes for the pin, Woods kicks out in what was almost a sure fire win. Big E hits the spear on English this time. Kofi hits Gotch with the Trouble in Paradise and Woods goes for the pin. The winners and still your WWE Tag Team Champions of the world, The New Day

Overall Match Grade: C

The next match  on the card will be the fatal four way for the Intercontinental Championship. The Owenes and Zayn feud is amazing. You can see it when the look at each other. The match starts with a helluva kick from Zayn to Owens. Cesaro uppercuts The Miz. Zayn and Cesaro stand in the ring. Cesaro is the last man standing in the ring after Zayn rolls out. He rolls back in and they go through a sequence. The crowd is behind Zayn. Cesaro hits Zayn with the Tilt-A-Whirl backbraker and goes for the pin. Zayn kicks out.

The Miz gets back in the ring. The Miz kocks Cesaro out, Zayn knocks The Miz out. Zayn flies over the top rope and brings down both The Miz and Cesaro. The Miz goes to the top rope and Zayn counters. Cesaro goes with them on the ropes. Owens comes out of no where and takes out all three. Owens is all over Zayn. Owens keeps Cesaro out of the ring so he can keep beating up on Zayn. Goes for the pin, Zayn Kicks out. The Miz attempts to get in the ring, and Owens knocks him back out.

Owens is only worried about one thing. Winning the title by pinning Zayn. Any sort of offense Zayn is trying to get going, Owens is on top of. The Miz once again tries to stop Owens. The Miz and Zayn superplex Owens with Cesaro on bottom. Cesaro goes for the pin on The Miz, Kick out. Owens rolls out of the ring. Cesaro is the first one back to his feet. Zayn hits the Bluethunder Bomb on Cesaro, pin, gets a boot to the face from The Miz.

Cesaro wraps up The Miz for a Suplex while he had Zayn wrapped up for a Belly to Belly. All four men down in the ring. Cesaro is the first one back up. Uppercuts, Zayn, Miz, Owens, Zayn, Miz, Owens, Zayn, Miz, Miz. Cesaro tries to swing the Miz. Owens hits him with with the German Suplex, He hits the with a cannonball, then he hits Zayn. Miz goes for the skullcrushing finale on Cesaro, goes for the pin. Cesaro kicks out!

Cesaro hits The Miz with a corkscrew. Cesaro looks pissed off. Cesaro is swinging The Miz. He swings him to the count of 20. Cesaro puts him in the Sharpshooter. The Miz grabs Maryse and she gets pulled into the Ring. The Miz tapped out! But the referee was busy dealing with Maryse. Owens hits the Frog Splash on The Miz. Cesaro breaks up the pin. Cesaro goes for the pin on Owens. Zayn breaks it up. Zayn and Cesaro are left in the ring.

A backslide pin by Zayn. Kick out by Cesaro. Zayn lines up the helluva kick and gets uppercutted instead. Cesaro sent into the corner by Zayn. Superkick by Ownes, Powerbomb on Cesaro. The Miz hits the skull crushing finale outside the ring on Owens. The crowd is giving the “Yes” chant. Cesaro and The Miz in the ring. The “this is awsome” chant starts. All four men go back and fourth. Zayn takes out Owens. The Miz pins Cesaro after Zayn hits him with a Helluva Kick and The Miz walks out with his intercontinental Championship.

Overall Match Grade: A

The Asylum starts to drop and Ambrose and Jericho is next. The cage is locked and here we go. Ambrose looks so happy while Jericho looks nervous. Ambrose start throwing fists at Jericho. Jericho wants out of the cage already. Ambrose brushes his face up against the steel. Jericho starts in on the offense and climbs the Asylum. Ambrose pulls him down. Ambrose once again is hammering away on Jericho. Jericho gets thrown into the cage a couple times.

Ambrose starts looking up pondering what he wants to go up and grab. Jericho pulls him down and heads up himself. They are both battling their way up the cage. Jericho gets pocked in the ear with a mop. That’s really the first weapon grabbed guys, a mop. Ambrose is beating up Jericho with the mop. Ambrose starts to mop up Jericho. Literally. Jericho hits Ambrose with a missile dropkick. He goes for the pin, Kick out. Jericho points up to the 2X4 covered in barbwire.

He heads up cage but gets stopped by Ambrose. Both men climb opposite sides of the Asylum. Ambrose grabs numb chucks and Jericho gets the 2X4.  Ambrose wins that battle. He is kicking the crap out of Jericho with the numb chucks. Jericho quickly climbs to the top of the cage in an attempt to get out. Ambrose is trying to pull him back in. Jericho grabs the Kendo stick and starts swinging away.

Jericho takes control of the match. Jericho goes to climb the Asylum again and grabs the leather strap. Ambrose is struggling to get to his feet. Jericho starts whacking him with the strap. Ambrose grabs the strap and sends Jericho across the ring from the top rope. Ambrose grabs the leather strap. Ambrose starts swining away on Jericho with the leather strap. You can already see the marks it is leaving on his back. Jericho sends Ambrose into the cage.

Jericho wants the cage opened again. He wants no part of this match so he starts climbing the cage to get out again. You don’t win this match by escaping the cage. Ambrose send him balls first into the top rope. Ambrose looks up at what is left hanging there and makes his way to the fire extinguisher. Jericho manages to make his way to the straitjacket. Jericho throws it over Ambrose’s face. Goes for the pin. Kick out.

Jericho dropkicks Ambrose into the steel bar of the cage. He’s walking around the ring like he has already won. He starts pounding away. Ambrose gets put into the straitjacket. Ambrose is barely able to fight out of it in time before it gets locked in. Ambrose takes control of the match again. Ambrose with a clothesline into a pin. Jericho kicks out at two. Both men look extremely tired. Jericho with a knee to the spine and the pin. Ambrose kicks out.

Ambrose on the top rope waiting for Jericho to get up. Ambrose looks up and climbs to the top of the cage. Ambrose hit Jericho with an elbow from the top of the cage. both men lay in the ring. Ambrose rolls his way into a pin. Jericho kicks out at two. Ambrose climbs the cage and grabs the mop bucket. Ambrose looks inside the bucket and he pulls out a black bag. Every fan of ECW knows what that means, here come the thumbtacks!

Jericho has never looked more scared. Ambrose puts Jericho on his shoulders and Jericho rolls him up. Kick out, both men are going back and fourth avoiding going into the tacks. Jericho gets the upperhand in the middle of the ring. Ambrose looking for Dirty Deeds on the thumbtacks but he can’t get it. Jericho puts Ambrose in the Walls in the middle of the ring. Ambrose uses the Kendo stick to break the walls. Someone is going to go into those tacks.

Jericho hits Ambrose with the Codebreaker and goes for the pin. Ambrose kicks out. Jericho grabs the 2X4 and hits Ambrose in the mid section. Ambrose takes the shot three times. This match has gone on for far too long and become boring. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, Ambrose catches him and throws him into the tacks! Ambrose with the Dirty Deeds onto the Thumbtacks. Both men get taken out, Ambrose with the pin. 1-2-3! Ambrose wins!

Overall Match Grade: C+. It went way to long.

The story overview for the Womens Championship starts to play. This will be a Submission match between Natayla and Charlotte. The bell rings and we get a stare down. The ladies lock up and Natayla ends up in the corner. Natyala takes quick control and we get another stare down. Nattie goes for the the Sharpshooter, it gets countered into a Figure 4. Nattie fights her way out.

Natalya takes control again.Nattie puts Charlotte into a submission (I have never before seen it so I don’t know the name). The ladies take the fight outside the ring. We get a few chops on Natalya and Charlotte gets sent into the steel post. Charlotte hits Natayla with a boot to the face.

Control goes to the champ. Natalya counters into an Arm bar. Charlotte powers her way out with a sit up powerbomb. Charlotte goes right to work on Natayla. She gets put in the sharpshooter and you can hear nothing but Natyala screaming in pain. She fights her way to the bottom rope forcing Charlotte to let go. Charlotte suplex’s Natayla into the ropes. Charlotte connects with a Moonsault and puts Nattie into a half crab.

Natayla connects with a German Suplex and goes strait into the Sharpshooter. Charlotte fights her way to the rope and Natayla drags her back to the middle of the rope. Ric Flairs music hits. It’s clearly not flair. Dana Brooke comes out dressed as Flair. Charlotte puts Nattie in the Figure 4 and Charlotte gets the win off the Distraction.

Overall Match Grade: B-


We move onto the main event of the evening. The Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. The referee hold up the belt and the bell ring. The two men lock up and reigns wins the first lock up with sheer power. Reigns elbows Styles in the face. Both men back up. The crowd starts chanting “You can’t wrestle”. Styles end up in the turnbuckle, gets a counter and pounds away. Styles ends up in the corner again and Reigns is looking like a powerhouse.

Styles takes some control and pounds away. Runs into the ropes and Reigns hits him with a knee. Styles rolls out of the ring as 16,000 people start chanting “Roman sucks”. Styles grabs a chair and Reigns gets to him before he can use it. He grabs the chair and slides into the ring. He misses Styles.

Reigns grabs the chair again and misses again.Styles takes control again and flies into Reigns. Styles clears off the announce table. Reigns and Styles end up in the crowd. Reigns and Styles are beating the crap out of each other all over the arena. They fight their way into the kickoff panel area. Styles still has the upper hand. Reigns finally connects and put styles on his back on the kickoff panel table.

Styles is all over Reigns as the crowd chants “Roman sucks”. Styles is throwing Roman into anything and everything he can. They work their way back towards the ring. Styles has taken the protective floor padding to expose the concrete floor. He is looking for the Styles Clash but doesn’t hit it. Styles goes face first into the steel stairs. Reigns takes everything off the German announce table.

Reigns goes for a powebomb but Styles conters. Both are on top of the table. Looking for the Styles Clash a again with anther counter.Styles is back in the crowd. Styles runs towards Reigns and he get thrown over and through the English announce table. The crowd has started a “You still suck” Chant. Reigns brings Styles to the ring and goes for the cover. Styles kicks out.

Reigns with the power bomb and Styles amazingly kicks out. The crowd keeps chanting against Reigns. Reigns locks and loads. Styles counters with a shoulder tackle. Reigns knee is hurting. Styles takes complete control as Reigns lays there in pain. Styles with a running knee to Reigns outside the ring. Reigns catches Styles and drives him into the ring apron and barricade and then power bombs him through another table.

Reigns goes for the spear and Styles sidesteps him and Reigns goes strait through the barricade face first. Styles is left barely standing. Styles sends Reigns back into the ring and goes for the phenomenal forearm and instead gets superman punched by Reigns instead. Reigns with a spear to Styles outside the ring.

Anderson and Gallows run down to the ring to attack Reigns as Styles struggles to get to his feet. They hit the Boot of Doom on Reigns and put Styles on Reigns. He kicks out. The Uso’s run down the ramp and attack. This is a mess. Reigns with the cover, Styles kicks out. Reigns with a Superman Punch to Anderson and Gallows.

Styles hits the Styles clash on a counter from a spear. The pin and Reigns kicks out! The chair ends up back in the ring and Styles is going for the Styles clash. Reigns powers out and Styles lands on the chair. Styles goes for the Styles Clash onto the chair again. Styles hits it, The Uso’s get involved again. Styles with the pin, Reigns kicks out!

Styles starts taking out the Uso’s and Reigns with a chair. He sends the Uso’s on their way and locks in on Reigns. He’s looking for the phenomenal elbow and gets speared instead, Roman Reigns retains the WWE World Heavyweight championship! What a match, this will go down as a match of the year candidate.

Overall Match Grade: A+

SETH ROLLINS RETURNS AND ATTACKS ROMAN REIGNS. Seth grabs the title and just stares at it as the crowd chants “Holy shit!” he holds up the title to a huge pop.

Overall show Grade: A-







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