WWE Announces Global Cruiserweight Series


In a groundbreaking announcement, WWE has announced the company is holding a global Cruiserweight Series. The series is going to be broadcasted live on WWE network starting Wednesday July 13th at 9 PM eastern. The company will be inviting more than 30 of the greatest superstars under 205 pounds in the world to compete in the tournament lasting for 10 weeks. The event will be held at Full Sale University in Orlando, Florida.

WWE has not been showcasing a Cruiserweight division since their Cruiserweight title was deactivated in 2008. It was a big loss, since the division meant a lot to the company and to the fans of wrestling.

The possibility are endless with this series. There are so many great wrestlers who are under 205 pounds like Kenny Omega, ACH, Matt Sydal, and Zack Sable Jr. The list goes on and on for the talent pool of wrestlers who are under 205 pounds. There are a lot of dream match possibilities that can happened now with the series being announced.

This is a big move by the company, and it is a long time coming. For the past few months, there were a lot of rumors about the company talking about starting up something for wrestlers under 205 pounds. With now it being official, the company has a big chance here to showcase so many great talent from NJPW, ROH and other companies. The company could even throwing in some talent from NXT in the mix as well. It is a long wait from now till July but it will be worth the wait.

From a wrestling fan standpoint, every fan in the world should be really happy with this announcement. Wrestling fans always have this idea for dream matches that they would love to see. Now with the series taking place, the matches the fans are dreaming about becomes a reality.

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