WWE To Announce Final Two Hall of Fame Inductees For 2016

Credit: WWE.com

The WWE announced last night that the Big Bossman will be joining the 2016 Hall of Fame Class that is led by Sting. They are now expected to announced the final two Hall of Fame inductees that was listed in the WrestleMania magazine in former WWE diva Jacqueline Moore and Stan Hansen. These two will round out the 2016 Hall of Fame class.

For those who don’t know Jacqueline, she was a diva for the WWE from the years 1998 through 2004. She was a 2 time women’s champion and a 1 time Cruiserwieght Champion, being the only woman in the WWE to hold the title that was predominantly a men’s title. She also wrestled for the United States Wrestling Association where she was a 16 time USWA Women’s Champion. She was most recently seen in Impact in 2013.

And for those who don’t know Stan Hansen, he actually only wrestled for the WWF for about 3 years, in 1976, and 1980-1981. He is best known for his feud with Bruno Sammartino over the WWF Champion, where he once broke Sammartino’s neck after a botched power slam. He would never successfully defeat Sammartino.

However, Stan Hansen’s accomplishments from all wrestling promotions he’s been apart of it, is way to long to list. He had multiple match of years in his day, multiple championships and proved to be a great heel. Even once being voted as the “Most Hated Wrestler of the Year” by the PWI.

In total Stan Hansen has wrestled for about 25 years. Debuting in 1976 and retiring in 2001. He’s a good supporting cast for Sting and others to be inducted to this years Hall of Fame class.

It’s unknown when the WWE will officially announce the two Hall of Fame inductees, but it’s expected to be announced over the next coming weeks of Raw.

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