Wrestlemania 36 Night Two Recap


The second night of Wrestlemania was just as exciting as the first. The competitiveness was turned up a notch, and the WWE superstars both male and female left everything in the ring.

Revenge Was On The Menu

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More than one superstar had revenge on their mind Sunday night, and a couple were able to get it. First it was Otis’ turn to get even with Dolph Ziggler for ruining his romance with Mandy Rose. An assist from Rose helped him pick up the win. However, what was even sweeter was the kiss the two shared afterwards.

Next to get payback was Edge. The “rated R superstar” beat his opponent Randy Orton all across the WWE performance center, finally putting him down for good with a one man con-chair-to. With that, night two of Wrestlemania was off to a good start.

Title Matches Galore

Four Championships were on the line in night 2. Theses matches were spread out nicely through the show. First, Charlotte Flair captured her 11th title with a win over NXT champion Rhea Ripley. Later on in the night the Street Prophets retained their Raw Tag Titles and the self proclaimed “role model” Bayley retained the Smackdown Women’s championship. The stakes were high all night long and these matches proved it.

Amazing Main Events

A dream turned into reality – WWE

Wrestlemania 36 saved the best for last. Night two was capped off by two amazing matches in the double main event. Bray Wyatt and John Cena put on a cinematic masterpiece. There was one chaotic nostalgia filled moment after another, ending with “The Fiend” finally vanquishing “big match John.”

The night ended with Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre taking on Brock Lesner for the WWE title. It was an amazing back and forth match that ended with three consecutive “claymore kicks.” When the dust settled McIntyre was the new WWE champion and Wrestlemania 36 was in the books.

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