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Woods Attempting to Seek Resurgence


Back in July of 2016, I developed a piece for The Athletes Hub labeled “Should Tiger Woods call it quits?”. This was after the PGA legend pulled himself out of his fourth straight event, and it was eleven months since his last tournament competition. While matters only got worse for Woods from that point forward, he has, in a sense, developed quite the underdog story for himself.

Eleven months after I produced that aforementioned piece, I proceeded to develop another article titled “The disheartening downfall of Tiger Woods”. It detailed all of what Woods has accomplished, but it was more of a farewell piece, rather than a flashback.

As the wait is finally over, after exactly 301 days, Woods has found himself back in competitive spirits, as his 3-under-par within the first round of the Hero World Challenge surpassed the expectations that many had for the veteran going in. After that round, Woods has found himself only three strokes behind the leader, Tommy Fleetwood, and is tied for eighth place in the tournament.

Woods proceeded to land 7 out of 13 shots on the fairway, and 12 out of 18 shots on the green. Although the numbers aren’t “staggering” by any means, it’s far better than what we hoped for. The fourteen-time world champion obviously had some kinks and rust on his end, but we have to give Woods some credit for the effort he has put forward.

After a variety of trial and errors (both on and off the course), Woods has shown a development of maturity and a consistent passion for the game of golf. Does it really matter if he goes out on top anymore? Woods has been an iconic figure in the world of sports for the last few decades, and we should not only admire his passion, but applaud it.

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