Wilson Aims to Be Highest Paid Player

Forget about Cam Newton striking an extension with the Carolina Panthers, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is aiming to be the highest paid player in the NFL. In order for Wilson to accomplish his desires, he would need a deal more valuable than $110 million for five years, which is what Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers currently obtains.

With a team that needs to figure out how they can keep all their star factors on defense, Wilson may not get his wish anytime soon. Wilson has lead the Seahawks to the Super Bowl twice in three years, with one victory to his legacy.

On a separate note, Wilson may be too expensive for the Seahawks to keep in general. If Wilson were to play his rookie deal out and be franchise tagged the following year, he would be owed north of $25 million dollars guaranteed in 2016.

It’s fairly obvious to fans and experts around the nation that the Seahawks success has come from the running game with Marshawn Lynch, as well as the defensive talent. Through the next couple weeks, Wilson will continue to stretch for an extension with the team. Will the Seahawks see Wilson as the most valuable player in the NFL?

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