Will Yankees Overspend in Free Agency?


The New York Yankees have never been afraid to spend in free agency. This proved to be true over the years with a variety of examples such as Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and CC Sabathia. As a result of the endless spending, the Yankees have seen two ALCS appearances in the last three seasons, but haven’t advanced to the World Series since 2009.

According to Jon Heyman, New York may be willing to overspend for elite talent in the starting rotation this winter. On Tuesday, the team will meet with Houston Astros’ Gerrit Cole. He has been described as their “top priority”.

In addition, there may be another name on the market. Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg has met with multiple teams this fall, and is expected to meet with the Yankees on Wednesday.

The question suddenly becomes whether New York will go “all in” for 2020 and bring out the checkbook, or if there is an alternative strategy going into next season that doesn’t require a hefty payday.

Photo Credit: Beyond The Box Score

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