Will the WWE Book Undertaker vs Cena at Mania?


Every year around WrestleMania, we often receive bigger matches to end the show. In fact, some of the bigger matches would feature the Undertaker, who is 23-2 in the WWE, and has been around through multiple eras. Based on recent reports, the veteran could very well be sitting out of WrestleMania this year.

After losing to Roman Reigns in 2017, the Undertaker appeared once since then and seemingly announced his retirement from wrestling. After feeling like not enough attention was given to the matter, the Undertaker could be rumored to return for one last match.

The only wrestler that would be relevant enough to take on the veteran is current “free agent” John Cena. He has won the world championship sixteen times, but hasn’t been in the main event in the last four years.

Despite Cena saying that Undertaker wasn’t available, this could still be a possibility. The WWE is unpredictable at times, and this match in the Mercedes Benz Arena is where the Undertaker received his first loss three years ago to Brock Lesnar. With that, many are stating this could be the route to end his career off in a more professional manner.

Cena hasn’t really been in a much-needed feud for a few years, and this is a match he has desired for a long period of time. Now that both men are at the twilight stages of their careers, it would certainly be expected as a night to remember.

Whether you like it or not, this match could be an instant classic, and a monumental ending to the storied career of the Undertaker. The next few weeks of WWE programming should be considered must-watch. From Fast Lane all the way to WrestleMania week, this is a match everyone would never occur.

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