Will Tebow Be Used? 


With the NFL adjusting the PAT rule, lining teams up from the 33 yard line rather than the 20 on the point-after attempt, could cause more teams to go for a two point conversion.

One of the teams that have been speculated to be a “go for two” kind of team, have been the Philadelphia Eagles.  Former Florida quarterback,Tim Tebow, was added to the roster during the off-season, and many people see this pickup as the perfect opportunity to turn one point into two after a touchdown takes place.

There’s potential in Tebow, don’t get me wrong, but how effective will the guy be? Tebow hasn’t played in the NFL since his backup days with the New York Jets, and he wasn’t successful playing with Mark Sanchez. Of course teams would love to rely on a guy to convert two points on 70% of attempts, but Tebow just isn’t that guy in my opinion.

There’s a slim to none chance that Chip Kelly will keep all of his quarterbacks (Bradford, Sanchez, Barkley, and Tebow) by the time cuts need to be made.  I just do not see the Eagles having use for this guy, and see him more as a media attraction rather than someone the Eagles will rely on down the road.

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