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Will Pitino Land Another Coaching Spot?


Rick Pitino, who was once admired as one of the greatest college basketball coaches, has now been deemed a disgrace to the sport of college basketball. Before last season, the success of Pitino noticed by all, but now, it’s a matter on whether or not he coaches again. Pitino is now 65, and he feels as if he can still coach. Will Pitino get an opportunity?

According to Yahoo Sports, there was a headline earlier this month involving Rick Pitino plotting a comeback. Before the 2017-18 season, Louisville was forced to let Pitino go due to the FBI and NCAA investigations against Louisville. However, to this day, Rick Pitino denies any wrongdoing on both fronts.

Unfortunately, there is evidence linked to Pitino. There are experts out there that believe he may never coach again. Even though there are plenty of jobs open in the college basketball world, universities are unlikely to gamble with the veteran coach. He has contained two stints with the NBA previously, and while both didn’t have happy endings, Pitino has been linked to several NBA coaching positions.

We can’t forget that there is still a chance that Pitino could be charged by the FBI. His appeal with the NCAA as far as the 2013 National Championship with Louisville was denied recently. Pitino had a great team that season, but now it’s in the rear view mirror.

However, this is not the first time Pitino has been in trouble with the NCAA. Back in the early 1980’s, Pitino was involved in a recruiting scandal even then. Although that instance was when Pitino was coaching in Hawaii, the incident with Louisville will take a large period of time to recover from.

Even with the previous scandals, Pitino is suing Louisville for breaching his contract. At the end of the day, he is looking for the money owed to him, but it could be argued whether he earned that salary. If Louisville elects to reject his desire, Pitino will not go away quietly.

There are plenty of openings at both the NCAA and NBA level, but Pitino will have to decide soon on whether he wants to return to the sideline. Due to outer circumstances, his chances and legacy will take a nasty hit, and he could be blackballed from organized sports for the remainder of his lifetime. What is next for Pitino?

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