Will Moss Be Snubbed by Hall of Fame Voters?


The upcoming class of the NFL Hall of Fame may be viewed as one of the most elite in the history of the sport. With names such as Steve Hutchinson, John Lynch, Tony Boselli, and Ray Lewis in contention, two superstar names that are in the running as well include wide receivers Randy Moss and Terrell Owens.

While Owens has come up short of receiving his Hall of Fame jacket on multiple occasions now, and it has been rumored to be due to his “off the field” issues. Although his numbers evidently have surpassed his legendary colleagues, the process of voting for who should be included within the Hall of Fame has turned into a massive controversy.

Moss on the other hand will see his first swing at getting into Canton, Ohio, yet he may have similar issues of getting into the Hall of Fame as well. With multiple off the field issues tarnishing his legacy as one of the best to ever play the game of football, will Moss be “blackballed” by the Hall of Fame in similar fashion to Owens?

One of the greatest counterpoints to why Owens shouldn’t be within the Hall of Fame is due to his tendency to become a distraction to his teammates. That’s interesting, seeing that in 2002, Moss found himself within a jail cell for a night after an altercation with a traffic control officer. The incident also involved Moss’ car containing marijuana, and the incident took place three weeks into the regular season.

In addition, while the domestic violence case in 2008 against Moss was thrown out, was that not a “distraction” as well? Although the alleged accusation only lasted less than three months, Moss has continuously put himself in ill-minded situations throughout his NFL career.

Another point that should be made involves the character that both Moss and Owens maintained through their careers. Owens may have been one of the loudest voices within NFL history, but how many times within watching film did you see him walk off after the whistle blew? Exit the stadium before a game was over? Insult his fellow coaching staff? Moss can easily fall victim to all the aforementioned mistakes, yet once again, his talent should be the only piece of the puzzle that matters.

Leading the league in touchdowns on five occasions through fourteen total seasons, Moss will evidently go down as one of the best players to ever put on a helmet. Although he absolutely deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, what about Moss screams “first ballot”, while Owens may very well be shunned once again?

By evaluating their per-start stats within a span of sixteen games, Owens actually is evaluated to maintain 4.4 more receptions on 0.7 more yards, with only 0.7 less touchdowns than Moss. In addition, both Owens and Moss were elected to six Pro Bowls, but Owens was selected to five First-Team All-Pro teams to Moss’ four (not to mention Owens was elected to the First-Team All-Pro with three different franchises).

Straight down the list, both the numbers and evidence claim that Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are first-ballot material. In the end, the only aspect that is keeping Owens out includes his character issues. If that’s the case that skeptics choose to make, so be it, but where is the justification that Moss deserves to be in as a first-ballot member, even with his antics?

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