Will Lincecum Revive His MLB Career?


Starting pitcher Tim Lincecum hasn’t started a game since August of 2016, but that hasn’t stopped the 33-year old from attempting to revive his MLB career. Most recently a part of the Los Angeles Angels, most fans will remember Lincecum from his back-to-back Cy Young awards with the San Francisco Giants in 2008 and 2009.

With a hindering hip injury sidelining the pitcher for the last several years, Lincecum most recently showcased himself off at a training session in Seattle. According to multiple sources, the pitcher looked impressive to most, clocking in at 93 MPH on multiple instances.

According to the same source, roughly 20 scouts showed up for Lincecum, who represented 15 different ball clubs. Throwing 25 different pitches from the windup, scouts were limited to viewing a ten-minute session.

His fastball averaged 88.4 MPH back in the 2016 season, but during the training session, Lincecum was clocking in an average between 90-92 MPH. Nowadays, starting pitchers within the MLB are expected to clock in a fastball within the mid-90’s with ease, so it’s foggy on whether franchises view Lincecum as a starter or a reliever.

Regardless of how well Lincecum looked during a showcasing, it may not necessarily correlate to the mound. Back in 2016, Linceum finished with a record of 2-6, a 9.16 ERA, and only managed 38.1 innings pitched with the Angels.

With the starting pitcher market beginning to dry up, I fully expect for Lincecum to find a home before Opening Day. The Chicago Cubs recently signed Yu Darvish to a mega-deal, but another team interested in Lincecum includes the San Francisco Giants. Could this become the blueprint to a potential reunion?

The Giants pitching staff finished the 2017 regular season 16th in ERA (4.50), 22nd in strikeouts (1,234), and T-1st in losses (98). At this rate, would Lincecum really be considered a hindrance?

I wouldn’t classify Lincecum’s revival attempt as impossible, simply because the interest is there from particular front offices. According to Giants executive vice president Brian Sabean, he hit the hammer on the head with this recent quote:

“Inclusive of yesterday, I don’t think we have enough information,” Sabean said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “It was an indoor workout. He also hasn’t pitched in a year. It’s not outside. It’s not to hitters.”

It’s true, Lincecum should be expected to be mediocre at best if given a new opportunity. His 2016 campaign showed that there is plenty of rust on his throwing arm, but in my eyes, Lincecum can be utilized as a temporary fix for bullpens seeking veteran presence.

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