Will Vegas Golden Knights Cash In For Stanley Cup?


The Vegas Golden Knights are having a season unlike any professional sports team in the world. This season will be historic, regardless of how the Stanley Cup Finals turns out. The Knights are not the first exapansion team to compete for a title, as another team did it 50 years ago: The St. Louis Blues in 1968.

The Blues lost that year, as well as two years after that. They have not made it back to the finals since 1970, only going past the second round on two occasions. The Knights will play the Washington Capitals for the right to raise Lord’s Stanley Cup, and one advantage the team may have includes goal tending.

Marc-Andre Fleury has had a great season in both the regular season and postseason for the Knights. They have made quick work of the teams in front of them all through the postseason, including the Los Angeles Kings (4 games), San Jose Sharks (6), and recently Winnipeg Jets (5).

In addition, the Knights have been terrific on early offense, which has put opponents into deep holes. The Capitals will have their hands full in this upcoming series. In reality, Fleury’s goal tending will be the difference maker for the Knights.

When this series is over, where will the Knights go from here?

NHL hockey experts will debate this topic for months, but the NHL Draft and free agency would be two areas of importance for Las Vegas to capitalize upon. The team can essentially get any player they want, but it’s about closing the deal.

With their recent success, could the NHL be prompted to expand once again. With areas such as Seattle in a booming economy, anything seems possible. At the same time, it’s impractical to believe that another expansion team is capable of matching Las Vegas’ success.

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