Will Flacco Adjust his Contract? 


The Baltimore Ravens have been on the decline ever since the departure of Ray Lewis. Yes, they have been to the postseason, yet they constantly just have that one missing piece.

One factor in what is holding the team back from making moves is the amount of money quarterback Joe Flacco is set to make in the coming years. Flacco is signed through the 2018 season, and his cap hit will never hit below $24 million. Just next year, Flacco’s cap hit will reach up to $28 million.

The most intriguing part is that the two sides have yet to sit down to rework Flacco’s contract. Flacco recently had an interview (via radio) in which he stated he was willing to work something out.

GM Ozzie Newsome told reporters in early January that he was willing to talk about the matter with Flacco, but had a plan to work around his cap hit in 2016.

Only two players will have a larger cap hit than Flacco in 2016; Ndamukong Suh and Drew Brees. Is it smart for the Ravens to let Flacco keep all that money? There are plenty of free agents out there that are worth a look.

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