Will Carmelo Take Off to Houston?


The NBA regular season is not far away from its starting point, however, there is the ongoing drama involving New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony. Rumors over the last handful of months have made it distinctly clear that the small forward has a desire to be shipped to the Houston Rockets.

Why exactly? With the powerhouse duo of James Harden and Chris Paul, Houston has become a lot more desirable now than in recent years. The Knicks have attempted to trade Anthony on numerous occasions last season. As the franchise released former president Phil Jackson from the front office, spectators wondered if that a move to keep Anthony in the “Big Apple”, or whether it was just common sense.

Although removing Jackson seemed like a necessary move to please Melo, there is a scenario in which the Knicks could ship Anthony to a number of potential suitors. Could it be none other than the Rockets? While that would be the best scenario for the veteran, it’s seemingly doubtful at the time being.

Having gone through four head coaches and three general managers since 2010, Anthony has been a part of the roller coaster that is known as the Knicks franchise. If Carmelo Anthony gave a more public outcry for a trade, could fans really blame him? A majority of the faults within the Knicks has involved their front office, not their star player. A portion of the blame needs to be pointed at Anthony, don’t get me wrong, but the veteran has had very little to work with since his arrival to New York.

Whether it be on or off the court, Anthony has dealt with a handful of issues, which has correlated in the lack of success the Knicks are currently experiencing. While Melo does contain a no-trade clause, would he ultimately waive it under certain scenarios?

The window for Anthony to pursue an NBA championship is closing rapidly, and getting out of New York may become essential over time. If the Knicks are unable to find a trade partner, they may need to keep fans agonizing for a few more seasons. In my eyes, whether Anthony is traded or not will depend on the Knicks younger talent this upcoming season.

There is very little reason to believe there will be upcoming playoff season hopes for the Knicks, but if the team can sneak 35+regular season wins, things may appear hopeful in New York. The following teams that have been rumored as suitors for Anthony include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, and even the Chicago Bulls.

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