Will Andrew Luck Play Sunday?


With Week Four coming up soon, one storyline heading into Gameday is the status update of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck., who missed practice Friday was not even on the field. This is the second day in a row that Luck was not practicing with the team due to an injury. The question is with Luck’s recent injury will he be able to play Sunday against Jacksonville Jaguars.

In 3 games this season, Luck has passed for 753 yards, 5 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, with a passer rating of 65.0. Heading into the season, Luck and the team had high expectations. Some people were saying the team was a Super Bowl contender.  The team and Luck have both started really slow in the past three weeks, with Luck has not been playing up to his expectations. The problem has been the defense during the past three games. Once the offense gets clicking and the defense gets going, expect the team to be the beast of a team it is and Luck to dominate NFL defenses with his arm.

Even though Luck has been having a slow start, he is still one of the top quarterbacks in the league. He has a big arm, is great at throwing the ball on target, even when he cannot find a receiver or getting pressured. He can stretch the field and extend the play by running for a good five or more yards on the ground. He is also a good leader as well. His main strength is staying in the pocket, throwing the ball down the field for the receiver.  Do not let him scramble, he can hurt your defense more ways than one.

The decision will most likely not be decided until game day morning. Missing two days of practice is not a good sign when you are trying to rehab from an injury.  Luck will most likely play Sunday vs Jacksonville unless he is in so much pain that he cannot play Sunday. With Luck questionable on playing Sunday, the team signed free agent quarterback Josh Johnson.

If Luck is indeed not going to play in Sunday game vs Jacksonville, veteran backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. will get the start under center. It is not a bad option seeing that the Jaguars let up 50 plus points last week. Playing Hasselbeck would not be a problem, since he has a lot of experience as starting quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans.

Hasselbeck is a good veteran quarterback to have on your roster. He knows how to win games in the league. Even though he is not the franchise quarterback he once was with the Seahawks, he is still a solid option at backup quarterback. When your quarterback goes down with an injury, or when your quarterback is not playing as well as he is supposed to be playing.

One big concern that the team will be having, with the injury to luck is his playing style. Luck’s playing style is aggressive, he is known to hold on to the ball for a long time, attempting to make the tackle when he throws an interceptions. The things that Luck does are not good for a quarterback’s shoulder. Expect the team to ask Luck to change his playing style, to protect himself and his shoulder if this becomes a trend.


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