Why Wilson may not be Paid as Much as Newton

After the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton reached an agreement for an over 100 million dollar contract extension, it got people thinking about how much Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will receive. 

When you compare the two quarterbacks, it’s plain simple that Wilson outdoes Newton in a majority of categories. Wilson has been to the Super Bowl twice, while playing for a total of three seasons under center. Newton on the other hand, just won a playoff game this past season, but that’s about it. 

Newton may be the future quarterback for the Panthers, and it’s a fair assumption that the Seahawks feel the same way about Wilson. If Wilson has outperformed Newton, why won’t he receive a bigger extension at more value? 

Look at the surrounding roster, the Carolina organization is a small market, so once Cam Newton showed up, they went all in with that option. The star power lacks for the Panthers, but that is not the case in Seattle. During the offseason, the Seahawks traded for tight end Jimmy Graham, who holds a 4 year, 40 million dollar cost to his name. Graham is just one superstar that the team has to deal with when it comes to money. 

The Seahawks’ defense is another story, they’ve been one of the most dominant units in all of football these past few years, so what happens when they look for a big contract as well. 

Wilson won’t be on the move in my eyes after this upcoming season, but he has to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. The Seahawks would need to create cap space in order to pay all these high-level players. 

Newton arguably is the only star on the Carolina roster, so I wouldn’t expect the Seahawks to treat Russell Wilson the same way when it comes to money. 

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