Why Undertaker vs Reigns was Match of the Night


WrestleMania 33 was the sight of a true end of an era. We witnessed one of the biggest staples of wrestling take his last stand, as the Undertaker passed his torch on to Roman Reigns. It will be hard to find someone who didn’t get that twisty feeling in their stomach knowing that Undertaker had officially taken off his gloves, and will no longer grace the WrestleMania stage again. 

However, the match itself was met with quite a bit of criticism, after there seemed to be a few botches between Reigns and Taker. It is very possible that these were just a few simple mistakes, which would be completely understandable coming from a man over 50 years of age. 
Despite that, I believe it was undoubtedly the match of the night. Not only will it go down as the most memorable match of the event, but we also witnessed a beautiful case of in-ring storytelling. 
Taker fought throughout the match, squeezing for every ounce of power he had left to give. As the match went on, Taker would make it clear to all that the end had truly come. I also believe the tombstone “botch” was a perfect mistake. 

Seeing Reigns struggle to lift what seemed to be dead weight made the story even better. The way he sold each move from Reigns and struggled to get back to his feet, which made it really sad for everyone to watch, became ideal. 
After seeing someone go to battle for a few decades, only for it to end, should bring on some sorrow. There are parents who have gone their entire lives watching the Undertaker perform at WrestleMania, and now it’s over. 
Whether or not folk believe Reigns deserved that match, Taker sold it to perfection. Who else but the Taker could deliver such a memorable match? 
Did you enjoy WrestleMania 33? What was your match of the night?

Isaiah Hansen

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