Why Tyronn Lue is the Right Hire for Philadelphia


Earlier this week, news broke that Tyronn Lue would be hired by the Philadelphia 76ers for their head coaching vacancy. There were several reports later in the day that those reports were not as strong as expected.

It seems inevitable though that once the Clippers season is over, Lue will be given the reigns of the Sixers team that has struggled to get past the second round of the playoffs; despite a team littered with superstars.

Here are three reasons why Lue is a perfect fit for the 76ers:

1. Experience With Stars

In the past, Lue has taken the likes of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to the promise land. Both players have bigger personalities, yet Lue managed to find the common ground necessary to win. The best season for Irving came with Lue at the helm.

2. Bench Rotation

Along with having a great reputation of convincing the stars to buy in, Lue was also able to perfectly manage the bench of the Cleveland Cavaliers around his two stars. One of Brett Brown’s biggest flaws was not being able to adjust on the fly; he kept the same rotation regardless of the situation. Lue on the other hand manages each game differently. 

3. Winning

Lue has won titles on each level; both as a player and a coach. If you want to find someone that will motivate stars such as Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to buy in, it needs to be someone who has found success previously. Lue is just one of many solid coaching candidates looking for jobs this offseason. In the Sixers case, he is the perfect fit.

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