Why The Yankees Will Contend In 2016.


For years under the core four each year, the Yankees were basically a lock for the playoffs. Since 2012, the Yankees have not been the Yankees of old. It’s been a rebuilding process, as the Yankees search for new winning ways after Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera.

The future does look promising with young studs such as Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Greg Bird and others leading the way. Although Yankees general manager has Brian Cashman, has taken lots of criticism over the years, he has known what he was doing.

No one saw the success that Nathan Eovaldi had when Brian Cashman picked him up in a trade for Martin Prado. This trade angered many Yankee fans. However, Nathan Eovaldi is still only 25, set to turn 26 on the 13th of February. He had a good year, going 14-3 with a 4.20 ERA. The more interesting thing was that from June 20th until August 24th with a 2.93 ERA and an 8-0 record. He is showing more signs of improving as time goes on.

Didi Gregorius was another pick up, that may have not received a lot of criticism, but no one thought Didi Gregorius would improve so much during the season. He was one of the Yankees best hitters at one point of the season. He is also young and has a lot of growth space.

You get the picture with Brian Cashman’s pick ups. Let’s see what happens with the Aaron Hicks pick up as well. The Yankees actually have a better line up then they are getting credit for. All 8 positions and the DH, are full of productive players with potential.

Brian McCann has potential to belt 20 homers. Jacoby Ellsbury has not been what the Yankees have hoped for yet, but we know how great he can be. Brett Gardner is one of the hardest players in the game, he just has to work on his consistency. There have been reports crediting Brett Gardner’s crash at the end of the season due to some type of nagging injuries. Mark Teixeira proved that he still can be productive when healthy. A-Rod has proven to have something left in the tank. Carlos Beltran proved he can still produce. Starlin Castro is still young, and has already performed at a high level, and is looking to bounce back after a while. Chase Headley led the team in hits last season.

Although the starting rotation could use some help, it’s not the worse in the league either. With Tanaka-Severino-Eovaldi-Pineda and CC Sabathia. Especially if CC Sabathia can continue what we saw at the end of the season from him.

If all of half of these things happen for the Yankees, they will be in the playoffs. All of the players in the starting rotation and starting line up have something to bring to the table. It all depends on who shows up or not.





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