Why the most overlooked MVP candidate will win


When you hear about the MVP award it seems like there are the same names coming up over and over again. You have Ezekiel Elliott, and all you have to do is just look at his stats. He’s obviously a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year, right? But, he isn’t. The Cowboys’ other rookie stud has a very compelling MVP case as well/ You have the two great quarterbacks of all-time in Rodgers and Brady. Look at Rodgers bringing his team back from 4-6 to winning the division, and look at Brady’s output in 12 games.

One candidate I hardly see is the one who deserves it most, Matt Ryan. You can build up his case while destroying the other 4’s cases and it’s clear. When you get off the Facebook threads and look at the stats you’ll wonder “Why didn’t Matt Ryan come up more?”. The media is voting for him while the fans debate for Brady, Rodgers, Elliott, and Prescott.

You have the two rookies, their biggest advantage can be their biggest handicap, the offensive line, that damages their case in some people’s eyes.Zeke didn’t break the rookie rushing record which I feel like he had to do to win MVP, and Dak hasn’t put up the stats Ryan has. Rodgers started 4-6 and frankly looked bad. Brady missed the first 4 games and didn’t do enough to overcome that.

Let’s have an assessment of the four quarterbacks’ stats assuming Zeke is least likely to win. First, let’s compare Dak to Ryan. You have 23 touchdowns from Dak and 38 from Ryan, that’s 15 more and I don’t think 3 quarters is an excuse for that. 3,667 yards compared to 4,944; a difference of 1,327. If that doesn’t show Ryan is more deserving than Dak I don’t know what will and I didn’t even include QBR’s. Let’s move on to Rodgers.

The Packers started 4-6 with Rodgers not looking himself. In addition, Rodgers threw for 4,428 yards, 516 yards less than Ryan’s yards. Rodgers only has 2 more touchdowns and has a QBR of 104.2 compared to Ryan’s 117.1.

Now the hardest case to beat, the great Tom Brady. In what many see as a handicap, but can also be viewed as an advantage, Brady missed 4 games. In 12 games Brady put up 3,554 yards and 28 touchdowns with a QBR of 112.2 he threw 10 fewer touchdowns and 1,390 fewer yards which he could easily make up in those four games, right? We’ll never know that, but in the 4 games without Brady, the Pats went 3-1 showing they could manage and win without Brady to an extent, and I’m confident without Ryan the Falcons would fall apart.

In summary, next time you see a Facebook thread debate, don’t follow the hype, bring up the man who deserves it (and maybe bring up this article). While Rodgers and Brady are historically better than Matt Ryan, they don’t have better cases this year. While Dak and Zeke are rookies and have been impressive, they don’t have a stronger case either; especially since Zeke didn’t break the rookie rushing record. Matt Ryan deserves to win MVP more than the others.

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