Why The Miz Is The Most Underutilized Star In The WWE Today


Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that The Miz may be one of the most underutilized and most unappreciated superstar in the WWE today. While an argument can be made that he is one of only six to hold every active championship (excluding the Women’s Championship), and that he is the current Intercontinental Champion, the ex-reality TV star is often over looked and viewed as a side attraction.

Most fans of the WWE have never had a big liking for Mike Mizanin, whether he was tagging with John Morrison or winning individual championships, but when you face the facts, the fans have never really given The Miz a chance for him to get the fans on his side. 

He has been booed since his run in the WWE began, and it continues to this day. Aside from not ever being given a chance from the fans, you can’t say The Miz lacks mic skills. It can be debated that The Miz is one of the absolute best in the business today, and possibly of all time, when he has a mic in his hand. 

His ability to make fans boo him without even having to open his mouth is undeniable, and the fans can’t stand to see him when he has a mic.

It has also been said by an endless accounts of fans, and even a few fellow superstars such as Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, that The Miz is a coward. 

People will argue for days about how Miz is “afraid to get hit.” While it is true that Miz doesn’t like being hit, is there really a human being on the Earth that enjoys getting punched in the face by another person? In lamest terms, Miz isn’t a coward, the man is smart. He tries to take as minimal damage as he can so he can attack his opponents when they’re worn down.

Another thing that fans can’t stand about Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is the fact that he often cheats to win big matches. A prime example can be seen in his match against Dolph Ziggler at Backlash for the Intercontinental Championship. Now, you can say that cheating is wrong, but if you think about it, isn’t there another former WWE Champion that we all loved that lied, cheated, and stole? (*cough* Eddie Guerrero *cough*) 

Besides, if you don’t want him to use simple heel tactics, such as cheating, to win big matches, then you need to give the man a chance to let him prove to you that he is one of the top guys in WWE today.

So whether you love him or can’t stand him, The Miz is easily the most unappreciated star in the WWE. He’s never really been given a chance by the fans to prove that he is a guy you can cheer for. The Miz is hands down one of the best talkers in the industry and he’s a pretty solid wrestler for a guy that came from the world of reality television. 

All the heat the guy gets from fans, other superstars, and even people with authority, just proves that he is truly awesome at what he does.

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