Why Romo Should Shy Away From Denver 


If you haven’t heard by now, the Cowboys do indeed plan to release veteran quarterback Tony Romo. The 36-year old will soon be 37 in April, and does potentially have a lot of options this offseason.

Assuming he will continue to play in the NFL, one team that has emerged as a favorite is the Denver Broncos. Although there is no certainty, the Broncos are seen as Romo’s best suitor for the 2017-18 season by many analysts. Here is why that statement is completely inaccurate:

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Romo Can’t Compete in the Cold

As a starter in weather under 40 degrees, Romo has a record of 3-6. On top of that, Romo has been privileged to compete in a dome in Arlington, Texas for most of his career.

If he went to Denver, Romo would be forced to compete in the brittle Denver weather throughout his time there. I can’t put to words how bad of an idea this is to Romo’s health, considering his bones are often compared to glass. 

Romo should sick an environment with warmer weather, and where it won’t have as much of a toll on his body. 

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Rookie Coach with Defensive Mindset

The Broncos have a great defense, don’t get me wrong. With that, the hiring of Vance Joseph in Denver only proves that the defense is the priority with this franchise. 

Romo has been able to play behind the Dallas offensive line, which has been one of the best in NFL history as of late. By moving on to Denver, Romo would take a significant downgrade, and that only makes himself vulnerable to getting injured once again. 

There are plenty of options for Romo that have better offensive lines, but the point is that Romo should choose to play for a franchise that’ll focus on his health as the priority. 

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Toughest Division in NFL 

While many are free to speculate, it’s almost factual that the AFC West is the hardest division to succeed in as of the past five regular seasons.  With teams like the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers, why would Romo want to go somewhere that he wouldn’t succeed?

I do think it’s a slight over exaggeration, because I do believe Romo and the Broncos would be a playoff contender. With that, I think it’s a huge mistake to choose to play in a division against Derek Carr’s offense, Andy Reid’s defense, and Philip Rivers’ ability to drive against the Broncos (which he has been able to do). 

Overall, I think Romo should go with a team that not only makes him a contender, but places him in the best position to play for a longer amount of time. While many do have interest in Romo, I think he needs to think long and hard before he packs his bags to Denver. 

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