Why Pitchers are so Dominant

Washington Nationals Pitcher Max Scherzer became the latest man to throw a no-hitter on Saturday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you look closer into the stats; the amount of strikeouts has increased overtime, and today’s modern baseball is dying out simply because batters can not produce as much anymore. Although you’ll find a gem like Miguel Cabrera, pitchers have absolutely dominated the game in modern baseball, and here’s a few reasons why:

1) Steroids are a no-no 

Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are just a few examples of players that have been caught when it comes to the use of PED’s to further enhance their games. Although they are seen as villains of the game, were they not some of the more exciting players to watch? Views skyrocketed through America when these men played important games, but nowadays the MLB has taken a stand against it. I’m not saying that PED’s should be allowed back into the MLB, but pitchers are dominating the game to the point where the MLB is losing more and more money.

2) Pitchers cheating? 

Michael Pineda may be the best example of a talented man who’s been caught with pine tar located on his body. Pine tar and other substance that help pitchers throw better pitches may be a huge factor into the game. Multiple pitchers in the MLB have been caught using these substances and multiple still do. The MLB hasn’t set a firm punishment on the issue and it could lead to the reason games become less exciting.
Overall, Scherzer should be praised for this accomplishment. The real problem in the MLB is the fact that pitchers are more capable of dominating in games, and the MLB has to look into what they can change in the future.

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