Why Paige Needs To Leave WWE


For years, the WWE has been known to drop the ball on many WWE stars in the past. Recently, however, they’ve done a great job with the women’s division. Sasha Banks, Charlotte and others are absolutely killing it right now and have been living up to the billed, “Women’s Revolution.” Years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say I was as interested in the women’s division as I am now.

However, it seems as though, the WWE forgot about one piece that has helped improve the division and that’s Paige. According to some reports, Paige has been dealing with nagging injuries. And of course, she was suspended in August due to procedural issue according to her.

Now, just as her suspended ended, news broke that she was suspended once again. This time for 60 days, due to taking pain killers. Paige’s mother spoke out about the matter, claiming that Paige was taking prescribed painkillers’ for pain in her neck. The WWE has since denied those claims.

As this dilemma unfolds, it’s pretty clear, that the relationship between Paige and the company has been tainted. It’s hard to imagine the company pushing Paige down the line after these issues and it seems as though, a departure would be best from both sides.

Prior to the drama, the WWE wasn’t pushing Paige as well as they should have. It was so bad, that Paige once claimed that she was unsure whether she was a heel or a face. That is truly a shame because Paige is easily one of the best all-around wrestlers’ in the women’s division.

It’s pretty clear that the division is hottest it’s been in years, if not ever. The feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte has been terrific. There is also has been a rumor, that Sasha Banks would be squaring off against Bailey at WrestleMania. We already know how awesome that match will be.

Paige could also have a great feud with both women. I mean, the division can’t consist of just Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Bailey feuding for the next two years, right? Any three stars could create a golden feud with Paige, but the WWE didn’t seem like they wanted to capitalize on this. And it’s especially hard to imagine the company utilizing Paige smartly, after her suspension.

Paige is just 25 years old. She has time on her side, in terms of how long she wants to continue to wrestle. With that being said, I think she could go elsewhere and remake herself into a bigger star outside of the WWE. After she is successful of that, which I’m sure she would be, the WWE will be the ones knocking on HER door. Afterwards, Paige could return to the company if she so chooses, but this time, she’d have the respect of the company and would be treated as the star that she truly is.

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