Why Matthew Riddle Isn’t “All That”


Matthew Riddle, a former UFC fighter turned independent wrestler, who many claim has the skills to quite possibly become the next “big thing”, has paved a rather unique path throughout his young adulthood. Having been released from the UFC in an incident involving marijuana, Riddle has since been vying for a new chapter in his life.

Later attempting to join Bellator MMA and Titan FC, he found himself once again released from an industry that didn’t believe he was worth the trouble. If you fast forward to 2015, Riddle has found himself in the Independent wrestling scene, and has yet to emerge as an outstanding controversy.

With all due respect, aside from Hulk Hogan in the 90’s, can you think of a more overrated wrestling figure than Riddle? In all fairness, at least Hogan had a gimmick that has progressed throughout many decades, while all Riddle is known for is overusing the term “bro”.

Riddle also uses his same MMA gear and moves, even after dissing UFC President Dana White and the company, yet promotes them simultaneously.

Riddle simply could have been one of the top fighters in the UFC, even till this day. Without the overturns, his record would have stood at 9-3. With the overturns, he’s still an impressive 8-3-2. Riddle is using the Indies to allow himself to wrestle and do as he pleases without the overbearing worry of suspension

This isn’t to bash Riddle by any means, but it’s simply to explain that if you hype him, you’re allowing Riddle to continue his ways.

Will Ospreay, Ricochet, Pentagon Dark, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks and Cody (Rhodes) are all widely known and booked more than most because they stay clean and started in wrestling. These men deserve more hype than Riddle does, and Riddle isn’t all that as he praises to be.

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