Why Manziel, but not Kaepernick?


The 22nd of March, 2018 was the first step for Johnny Manziel to show NFL scouts that he is a changed man and athlete after his first stint in professional football. The former Browns quarterback threw at the San Diego Pro Day for two receivers who are projected to make late-round appearances in the draft (Justin Priest and Ross Dwelley). This is fantastic for both parties, however there has been an interesting point brought up on the Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED show.

Why hasn’t Colin Kaepernick been given a second chance in the NFL? For a lot of critics, Kaepernick should not be allowed back in the league because he did not stand for the National Anthem. This has been moral issue that is currently dividing a fair amount of the population. While Manziel has seemingly become a changed man, how come a player who has not broken a law with his actions is being denied that same opportunity?

This is where the prediction listed earlier in the year comes into fruition, because the minute that Kaepernick gets a shot to come back, President Trump will blast everyone in sight. It should not matter that the views of a single person are against that of another, despite who they are in the grand scheme of things. It will happen though, and the front offices will shy away from any publicity that will potentially emerge as a distraction.

Eric Read and Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem – Sporting News

Both players have shown at either the collegiate or professional level that they can and will be game-changing quarterbacks when they have their chance. Kaepernick was two inches from a Super Bowl win, while “Johnny Football” was at the top of the NCAA at one point in time. The impact that both players have had on a football field is undeniable.

They are similar off the field in the sense that they both lost their jobs, as well as their livelihoods. Even when Kaepernick still spreads his message, donates and volunteers for charities, he continues to be black-balled. On the other hand, Manziel continued to party, before clearing his act up, and is now older, wiser, and settling down into life.

The talk has always been there, with both players openly expressing their desires to come back and play football. One is starting the process to get that chance, so why isn’t the other?

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