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Why Lavar Ball Isn’t in the Wrong 


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When I was a child, I, like nearly any other child, could be described as naive. I felt that I could become a rapper, wrestler, baseball player and a professional writer one day. In later years, I saw myself become a tad bit more realistic, as I set the goal to be one who would shoot for the stars and hope to land on the moon. 
Though my childhood wasn’t perfect, I was blessed with a great support system that included a ton of aunts, uncles,  cousins and more. Those folks were the ones who took the dreams that I had during my childhood, and held out hope for me.

With the disappointments and proud moments that I provided them through my actions, they gifted me back with motivation and high standards. They stitched my heart with failure as an option. However, quitting and/or settling is not

Anyways, I’m not going to continue to ramble on about myself. The point of this article is to shed light on why I really think critics have overreacted to what Lonzo Ball’s father has had to say to the public regarding his son’s future.

Could he be right? 

There is absolutely no way I believe what his father has said about his son is accurate by any stretch of the imagination. One problem with society though is that many are unable to accept that there are always two truths to every argument. My truth and your truth. My opinion and your opinion. 

There is no evidence that currently suggests Ball won’t live up to the standard that his father has set for him. On the other hand, there is no evidence to prove he is right either. 

As previously mentioned, I don’t agree with what Ball’s father had to say. His opinion on the effects of what would happen if Stephen Curry and his son switched roles is probably the most ludicrous thing he had to say. 

However, is it really impossible for his son to one day be a better player than Curry? That can be answered based off what your gut is telling you, and his father’s gut is telling him differently. 

If someone said Allen Iverson would be recognized as one of the best shooting guards to ever step on a court before he even played a single game, many in todays age would have called that idea insane. So, the idea that Ball could reach unforeseeable heights isn’t that large of a stretch. 

Has Any Harm REALLY Been Done Yet? 

It seems like everyday that there is a news story reporting domestic violence, murder and/or some other unfortunate event.  While I’m accusing anyone of suggesting different, I would take this type of reoccurring news story over the unfortunate events that happen on a daily basis. 

There is nothing wrong with a father thinking highly of, or setting high standards for his son. I mentioned naiveness earlier on. Once I see the world and start focusing on more realistic expectations, my family would sometimes hold the naiveness for me that I once had as a child. 

Ball’s father possesses that naiveness for his son that maybe he once had as a child. That, or he’s put in the hard work that has made his father a believer before his very eyes. Lonzo’s award is praise from his father and becoming one of the most talked about college players in the United States.

His Comments Can Only Have One Of Two Affects And That’s On Lonzo:

I can’t possibly preach that we all have two truths, without being respectful and acceptive of your truth. Whether you’re against what Lonzo’s father said or not, is totally fine. 

Many reactions I’ve seen have been in good spirits. The ones against what Lonzo’s father had to say are out of concern for Lonzo himself. John Wall claims that the NBA will “bully” the kid when he makes it to the pros. This is something many are afraid of. These praises could be detrimental. The pressure could mount and he could crash and burn. 

But only Lonzo can control how this story plays out. If he truly feels that this is adding too much pressure and is giving him the attention he’s not ready for, then that’s something he’ll need to speak to his father about.

There is no telling if this is what he wants. Wall could be right about the “bully Ball” (see what I did there) claim, however, Lonzo could respond with authority. 

Lonzo could smash these standards that have been set for him and his father’s words could be proven to be fruit from the well of prosperity. He could also quiver under the pressure, where his father’s expectations can be proven to have been from words from the abyss of detriment. The “Ball” is in his son’s court.  

How do you see this story planning out? Are rooting for or against Lonzo after hearing these comments? Let us know! 

*Quick Note: Just to be clear, I do not condone and/or agree with the content of what Lavar Ball has had to say to other public figures. I also don’t agree with his predictions regarding his son. 

I also apologize for the lack of quality on the video. I’m currently limited to a cheap phone to use for merging, editing and more. 

However, I hope that the content’s fruit was enough. I’d appreciate a subscription if you enjoyed! Thanks!

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