Why Khalil Mack is Better Than Von Miller


To start off, I know I’ll have people who disagree, but I’m going to make the case and it’ll be hard to argue. I know Von Miller won Super Bowl MVP in 2015 and seemed to dominate in the post season, but what Miller did in the post season, Mack did basically all regular season. 

Some might argue to look at how far each team went, but the supporting cast has nothing to do with comparing two men.

My first case is that Khalil Mack is more versatile. He regularly switched from linebacker to defensive end and back. The Raiders can’t even decide where to play this man because of the fact that he’s elite at both positions. 

Von Miller is a set in stone linebacker and if he tried to move to defensive end, this debate would likely be over.

My second case is stats. Mack had more total tackles than Von Miller, more sacks, more passes defended, and less forced fumbles, they all played every regular season game. All the stats I listed are notable for linebackers and players who are mostly pass rushers like Miller and Mack. 

The only one Miller beat Mack in this season was forced fumbles. The numbers are in Macks favor too.

Let’s not forget that Mack is two years younger, and common sense says Miller will retire first unless Mack gets a serious injury or retires early. 

This has nothing to do skill though, does it? But it’s a part of my case, Khalil Mack is the better player to have overall. Skillwise and in the long run. Comment your thoughts rather you agree or not, make your case heard.

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One Comment

  1. Mack is good.. But come on…

    1. Von doesn’t need to play the end with our defensive line. He has in the past and has been highly successful when doing so. Whoever wrote this probably is referring to last year only

    2. How many sacks could be credited to Von that weren’t? His presence on the field make qbs naturally try to avoid him, and a lot of the time it was into the arms of guys like Shaquille Barrett, Shane Ray, Demarcus ware, and Malik Jackson. They had several guys that seemingly got into the backfield with ease all season, some of those guys probably snaked some tackles and sacks from Von.

    3. Teams deliberately run away from Von because of how good he is against the run.

    4. He made the best offense in the league look like a bunch of amateurs on the biggest stage

    5. Miller has done this for 5 years. Mack had one good year after a subpar rookie season.. And now this guy wants to call him better?

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