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Why Firing Les Miles Was a Mistake


The LSU Tigers are off to a 2-2 start, the worst start through four games under Les Miles, and have fired the head coach. 

LSU fans had been calling for the head of their head coach for a while now. Miles has set a winning tradition down for LSU, but has still been let go. There are teams faring much worse who are retaining their coaches.

Miles won 114 games with the Tigers in 11 1/3 seasons. This team will likely end up like Georgia, who fired Mark Richt and got pummeled by Ole Miss and exposed, oh by the way, Richt has the Miami Hurricanes up to rank 14 in the nation. 

LSU has fired Miles to attempt to hire a “more successful” coach. Despite Miles’ overwhelmingly positive record with the Tigers, 114-34 (a .770 winning percentage), and a career winning percentage of .600 makes a coach eligible for the college football hall of fame, so that’s spectacular, and he put up a better winning percentage than predecessor Nick Saban, yes, THE Nick Saban best coach in the SEC who put up a record of 48-16 for a winning percentage of .750.

Miles was one of five coaches going into the season having won a national title, accompanied by Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher (whose team got pummeled by Louisville by the way), and Bob Stoops, whose Oklahoma team is 1-2. 

Also, consider that Tennessee had been in somewhat of a hole after firing Phillip Fulmer for one 5-9 season, after he had put up his ninth straight 10 win season. After Fulmer in 91 games, Tennessee has gone 48-43, including being undefeated in four games this year. Firing Miles may prove to do the same thing to LSU, it’s hard to find a coach that successful.

Miles was likely fired because of offensive issues with LSU, but who’s to say he wouldn’t fix these issues eventually? A great coach like Miles will find ways to succeed. If LSU falls into a pit of hate to tell their fans and program I told you so, but in that event, I told you so.

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