Why Does Fisher Still Have a Job? 


This past week has been hectic with the Rams and head coach Jeff Fisher, whether  you’re talking about Eric Dickerson wanting Fisher fired, or whether you’re talking about Fisher even knowing who the Patriots running backs are. 

The long-time NFL coach has been on the chopping block season after season, yet has not been fired from the Rams after five years. Fisher has yet to take a team to a .500+ regular season record since the 2008 Titans, and even they lost in their first playoff matchup. 

Fisher has been in the NFL as a head coach for 22 seasons now, and has had an overall winning record of 173-163-1. Overall, Fisher has had 6 of his last 22 seasons finish with winning seasons. 

No one is trying to bash Fisher as an NFL mind, but what does he have that other candidates don’t? Rams COO Kevin Demoff noted that it would be unfair to judge Fisher off the teams record, given the circumstances handed to him.

The circumstances? Yes, Jared Goff hasn’t been what was hoped, but there is no excuse for why the rushing game hasn’t been as dominate, considering Gurley ranks 8th in the league when it comes to rushing attempts. 

The Rams defense is no joke either, as they rank in the top ten when it comes to yards allowed per game (349.8) and passing yards allowed per game (227.5). 

The Rams have undergone a rebuilding process, and that is one reason to why firing Fisher would be a poor choice. Let’s not get it mixed up though, Fisher will never be the answer for the Rams, or for any NFL franchise for that matter when it comes to a head coaching position. 

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