Why Despite Reports, Kurt Angle Is STILL Returning?


Just as rumors were heated up on the potential return of one of the great professional wrestlers in WWE history, a recent report from Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline claimed that WWE officials have stated that Kurt Angle is NOT returning to WWE. This may confuse the wrestling world though, as Angle just recently spoke on the Mark Madden Show, stating that his return was a matter when and not if.

It’s very possible that Angle mistakenly blurted out that he would be returning to the WWE. It’s possible that WWE officials were instructed to claim that Angle will not be returning to the WWE to lower the expectations. This would make a possible Angle return that much of a surprise.

It raises an eyebrow that Angle would claim such a thing if he knew that he wasn’t going to be returning to the WWE. At this point, anything could happen. Do you think the WWE officials are being truthful or is this just an instructed cover up?

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