Why Cleveland Shouldn’t Draft a Quarterback in 2018


The NFL Draft season is arising, mocks are being released, and fans are debating about the upcoming prospects. The NCAAF bowl games will be the last chance for some college players to build upon their draft stock, but most believe the ranking order is somewhat concrete. Among that speculation, as always, is the hapless Cleveland Browns potentially drafting a quarterback, hoping to find their franchise guy. With that, in my opinion, they should do anything but.

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In the most recent draft, Cleveland invested in prospects that brought a fair amount of hype, including defensive end Myles Garrett. In addition, another prospect that planted hope was drafted within the second round, and that was none other than Notre Dame quarterback Deshone Kizer.

Kizer has been viewed as an individual with a high ceiling, but a particularly low floor. He was thrown almost immediately into the fire, much like other previous rookie quarterbacks for Cleveland.

Let’s face the facts: Cleveland won’t be a contender for at least another few years, and the front office should stack their current assets and take their time. The Browns now contain two top-five picks that can be used to address alternative needs, namely in the secondary or offensive line.

From there, the other picks in the later rounds could be used to fill the rest of their needs, but in the bigger picture, Kizer shouldn’t be “thrown out” just yet. I personally would like to see Cleveland develop a well-balanced franchise, rather than select another unproven rookie quarterback to toss back into the fire.

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The new GM in Cleveland, John Dorsey, may feel somewhat pressured to rush the rebuild process, but he shouldn’t. In fact, the ownership shouldn’t start the process over again by drafting yet another quarterback, but they should instead attempt to build around the quarterback position. There are multiple ways they can do this, and I hope for Cleveland’s sake they do. Dorsey has the chance to break the cycle by remaining patient, and adapting to the draft board.

There are a multitude of cheap veteran quarterbacks on the market, and Cleveland could sign one on a short-term deal, which would allow Kizer to develop from the sideline. The Browns won’t be winning a Super Bowl anytime soon, so even signing Mark Sanchez at this rate couldn’t hurt them, as it will give Kizer a chance to ultimately learn, and possibly grow until he rightfully earns the nod as the starter in Cleveland.

Another question one may ask in terms of the draft is who Cleveland will select if it’s not a quarterback. If not Rosen, Darnold, or even Jackson, then who? My answer is any number of options. They could roll the dice on Minkah Fitzpatrick or Saquon Barkley to create more diversity in the backfield, Connor Williams to bolster their offensive line, or even Bradley Chubb to stack upon their defensive front.

Instead of making the easy call and naming Sam Darnold as the next Cleveland “experiment,” fans and experts should be contemplating the possibility of the Browns attempting to move forward upon their rebuild, rather than staying in one place.

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