Why Bray Wyatt is not Main Event Material


Since debuting in 2014, Bray Wyatt has been the wrestler that just about everyone viewed as the next big thing within the WWE. Before he was known as Bray Wyatt, he was referred to as “Husky Harris”, and after being taken off of the network, he would break away from the Harris character. This lead to the eventual evolution of Bray Wyatt, who happened to become a cult leader, alongside Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

After spending time in WWE’s development program, NXT, the Wyatt Family debuted on Raw in the summer of 2013, and made their mark within the industry. Taking out names such as Kane, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and John Cena, the family then departed in order to see what they could accomplish on their own. While Harper was the first person to win singles gold, it would take Wyatt over two years to finally win the WWE World Championship.

The reason Wyatt has not been able to reach the place most wrestlers desire is because when it comes time to fight, Wyatt simply cannot execute. After having the opportunity to preform in back-to-back Wrestlemania matches against John Cena, and then the Undertaker, what’s next for Wyatt? He has noted that he can keep wrestling for the next fifteen years, but the question is if he will he even be part of the WWE in five years from now.

Many have attempted to elevate themselves throughout their careers, but what happens if an injury transpires? What if his character fades, and fans realize that he is not who he claimed to be? A lot can happen in the WWE, but will that involve Bray Wyatt, or will he fade away like past WWE superstars?

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