Who Won the Verbal Confrontation Between McGregor and Mayweather?


Last Tuesday kicked off the four-day McGregor vs Mayweather World Tour, where both men made appearances in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London. This was one of the craziest four days for not only the two fighters, but also for Showtime, the UFC, and every single fan of McGregor and/or Mayweather.

If you know how Conor McGregor behaves, you know that he has absolutely no filter whatsoever, and once this world tour started, it was time for Mayweather fans to witness the man who may shockingly end his undefeated streak. The first day in Los Angeles was quite possibly the most talked about verbal confrontation ever, and this was only the beginning. McGregor went on to roast Mayweather, from his choice of clothing, to having no money to his name. Once Mayweather began to speak, he was not quite as convincing as McGregor was.

Heading into day two, both men arrived in Toronto, which was another day where McGregor was viewed as victorious in his verbal outburst with Mayweather. If you listen closely, Mayweather practically repeated almost everything he tried saying in Los Angeles.

Arriving in New York, this was viewed as the most controversial night of the tour, due to both McGregor’s comments on supposed racism, and his fur coat that was reportedly made out of polar bear. McGregor went on to order Mayweather around, often using the phrase “dance for me boy”. Although the line has a historically racist context, it’s important to note that he’s used the same line on fighters such as Nate Diaz a year prior for their first matchup in the UFC. Mayweather on the other hand went on to repeat everything he said in Toronto and Los Angeles, but the twist was that his bodyguards were rumored to be sent to swarm McGregor to try and start a physical altercation.

The final day of the world tour happened in London, and this was by far the epiphany of the beginning to the hugest buildup ever for a dream fight between McGregor and Mayweather. From McGregor’s skill of hyping the fight, to Mayweather’s long awaited outburst, this was a must-watch event. At one point in the press conference, Mayweather used the term “faggot” towards McGregor, which made this world tour even more controversial than it already was previously.

This fight is going to break records, and could quite possibly be the day that Mayweather’s undefeated streak comes to an end. In my opinion, McGregor’s outright confidence was more believable than Mayweather, just because the art of trash-talking seemed a lot more natural to him.  What critics say about either fighter won’t matter, because all that matters is August 26th, as both will men step in the ring and show everyone who is the better man in this long-awaited fight between “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Photo credit: Sky Sports.

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